About the developers

Mark Friedenbach

Core Developer

Mark Friedenbach (maaku)

Email: mark@monetize.io

Mark Friedenbach is a software engineer, formerly a contractor at NASA-Ames Research Center who left to become an independent bitcoin protocol developer. He is chiefly responsible for Freicoin's specific implementation details, as well as later modifications such implementation and optimization of the FIR filter difficulty adjustment algorithm (designed by @galambo). Mark was a speaker at the Bitcoin 2013 U.S. conference, and it is currently engaged in implementing Alan Reiner's Ultimate blockchain compression w/ trust-free lite nodes proposal, Greg Maxwell's CoinJoin protocol, and blockchain pruning - work which continues.

Jorge Timón

Core Developer

Jorge Timón (jtimon)

Email: jtimon@monetize.io

Twitter: @timoncc

Jorge Timón is a software engineer with 4 years of experience at Indra, working on big international projects including software for several insurance companies. He co-designed Ripple Distributed Protocol v0.6 (pre-Ripple Labs) with Ryan Fugger. He proposed and co-designed Freicoin. He's the main developer of the Freicoin Foundation website. He was a speaker at the 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems and Bitcoin Europe 2013 among other conferences.